Divorce Care

Connect Group Led by  Greg and Jill Vollrath
 Every Monday beginning February 8 at 6:30pm in the Fellowship Hall.
This Connect Group are for those who have experience divorced. 

Warrior Woman

Connect Group Led by Rebekah Hall 

Ladies Bible Study
Every Tuesday  beginning on February 9th in the Fellowship Hall at 7pm.

Warrior Women

Connect Group Leader is Rebekah Hall
Ladies Bible Study
Every Thursday, beginning on February 11 at 10am in the Fellowship Hall. 

Killing Kryptonite

Connect Group Leaders Alan & Rae Ann Brock
Every Sunday afternoon beginning February 7 at 3pm in the Fellowship Hall.  
Uncover your kryptonite and break free from its influence.

Grief Share

Connect Group Leader Ansel and Becca Montgomery
This Connect Group are for those who have lost a loved. 
Whether its a child, spouse or a parent this group is for you.
Every Tuesday beginning February 9th at 6pm at the Montgomery's Home. 

Family Game Night - Monthly

Connect Group Leaders Tim and Becky Zook
Family Game Night will be on the Last Friday of each Month at 6:30pm. 
It will be held in the Fellowship Hall. 

Single Life 

Connect Group Leader - Paula Martin
This Connect Group is designed for those who are single.  
This group will meet monthly with different activities. 

Men of Victory

Connect Group Leader - Pastor Joel Rivera
This Connect Group is for men of all ages.
This men’s Bible Study / Breakfast meets on the 3rd Saturday of each month at 8am.